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Hi I'm Kaitlyn, 17 years young, I just really like swimming and all that stuff. My music preferences go from kpop to 5sos. Talk to me whenever you please.

Canada represent. ✌️

I feel most at home in the water. I dissapear. That's where I belong - MIchael Phelps

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Just turned 18!!

Finally legal now :)

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My mom met Tessa and Scott, why wasn’t I there :’(

Katie Ledecky would qualify for Olympic Trials in men’s events

damn, that girl

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After a meet I like to reflect on the number of people I probably flashed

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clara-oswald-the-impossible-girl: a ticket to see a swimming final at the Olympics or go to all the GP races for a year?

oh damn, i think i’d have to go with seeing the finals at the olympics 

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Blow up my inbox.
  • Would you rather..
  • Fuck, kill or marry
  • This or that
  • Personal questions
  • Creepy anons
  • Random questions
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  • Anything you want!
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During a run
  • brain: why are you going so slow?
  • lungs: I currently hate you.
  • feet: I'm gonna turn into 10 pound weights now.
  • Legs muscles: I am going to start hurting in random places, kay?
  • Sidewalk: I really want to trip you in one of my holes or bumps.
  • People in cars: *hoooonk* Run Forrest Run!
  • People walking: nice ass baby
  • Me: Why do I do this to myself?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me at end of run: I love running so much! I would never give this up!
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USA Swimmers Amanda Beard, ?, Ryan Lochte, Ian Crocker and Natalie CoughlinPhoto by Michael Muller
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